"Good design is
a sustainable design"
Imran Amed - Founder of the
Business of Fashion

"Good design is
a sustainable design"


Luxury is an experience. Design your bespoke branded packaging and create that exciting element of ‘theatre’

Our Responsibility

CLG London is an ethically aware company, we care about our planet and the people we work with. Sustainability is our priority and a goal we continuously strive for, we make luxury goods that don't go out of fashion and are life-long products.

Ethical Practices

We have a wealth of experience working with our suppliers. We source CLG London products from the UK, Europe, China and India. We have built fantastic relationships with these factories. We always source directly from the factories themselves so we know exactly who is making them and where they are being made. We only source from factories that are sustainable and ethical and have state registered audits and certification.

Limited Waste

We are committed to creating products that are made to last. Each and every order is made specifically for our clients, we do not hold stock of any products or packaging, allowing us to keep wasted material to a minimum. We only manufacture to our customers’ requirements, thereby eliminating over production.

Material Sourcing

The calf leather that is used for all CLG London products is a by-product, this is leather that would otherwise go to waste, we aim to make the most of this useful resource and create beautiful products that will be used for a lifetime.

Carbon Footprint

CLG London has carefully chosen the shipping companies DHL and FedEx. This is due to their commitment expressed in their environmental policy. FedEx has set ambitious goals to reduce their footprint. Read FedEx’s full sustainability report here. DHL are committed to minimising their impact on the environment. Read DHL’s full sustainability report here.


We use GFSmith paper in our bespoke packaging. GFSmith’s environmental policy states that they are committed to reduce the impact of their actions and strive to deliver their services in an ethically and environmentally informed way. Taken from GFSmith website: “Colorplan is made in England’s Lake District, an area of outstanding natural beauty. At every stage of Colorplan’s papermaking, from the banks of the River Kent to the forests of Northern Europe, we are setting new standards in making a positive contribution back to the environment that is so critical in the paper’s manufacture. All our pulp is sourced from managed forests (for every tree felled, three are planted). Pulp enters the process at 1% to 99% water, then becomes 93% solid material before the remaining extracted water is returned to the river in pristine condition. Bi-products from the production process are used in agriculture, and the chain of custody ensures that Colorplan is FSC certified. We strive to reduce the paper’s environmental impact and are at ISO certification level in reducing energy consumption and waste generation without any compromise on quality.”